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What To Expect During A Recording Session

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Services Offered and Practical Advice in choosing a Studio


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Scroll down to see a shot of the console and some of the equipment in the control room.

The window in the background is the isolation room. The rooms are situated

so that all the players can see each other. All  the windows in the studio have

4 panes of 3/16 thick plate glass with dead air space between each for sound isolation

between the rooms and the outside world. The walls are 12 inches thick with 4 inches

of dead air space in the center of the wall. The studio has 750 square feet and consist of 3 rooms.

The control room is 14 x 16, the vocal room is 8 x 12 and the studio is 14 x 24.

The equipment in the rack near the glass is :

(1) Tascam DA88,  (1) Tascam DA38, (1) Tascam DA30 (2 track Dat), (1) Tascam 4 track 234,

(1) Tc Electronics Finalizer Plus which is used during mastering. The console is 24 input, 8 bus.

The rack in the console contains (2) effects processors, (1) stereo image enhancer

(4) expander/gates (4) compressor/expander/gates (1) patch bay. The computer is used

for digital editing and mastering as well as a number of other task. There is another rack

located beside the one near wall which contains a cd player, amplifier, spectrum analyzer

cassette recorders and a Bellari RP 520 Tube Preamp



This is a photo of the Technics PR-303 Piano

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                                              This is a picture of

                                       The Yamaha Stage Custom drums

             Equipped with An Alesis DM-Pro and PINTECH Cymbals and Hyperhat pedal

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This is a picture of the isolation room. It is used primarily for vocals but at the time was being used for a drum room.

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