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Inspiration Recording Studio


Most people get involved with singing or playing an instrument simply because they love and enjoy music. If you have been a musician for any time you have probably already found that when musicians and singers get together they all share a common bond that non-musicians often have a hard time understanding. Most of all, we share a common dream to hear our best efforts captured in a recording that represents us well and that we can proudly say “I did that” or “I wrote that song” or “That’s me”. For most that dream seems far away and out of reach or maybe something they desire but will never obtain. Inspiration Recording Studio was built on the idea that everyone great and small should be able to realize this dream and especially so if they spend their musical efforts in helping others by telling about God’s unfailing love for us and making Him known to those who need to hear about Him. We also try to be a studio that offers services and resources most often needed by artist to help further their music. Most of these services and information are offered without charge as benefit to anyone who records here. Please visit the SERVICES OFFERED page to get an idea of what we offer.


If you are new to recording or just looking for some information to learn more about it visit the What To Expect During A Recording Session page. It will give you some guidelines on how to save money when you record and some practical advice on what to expect when you go to a recording studio.

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We are located in Royston Georgia.

Home of baseball great Ty Cobb .

Visit the Ty Cobb Museum while you are here.

Burial mausoleum is located less than a mile from the studio.